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I used to be a lawyer, but at the start of 2011, having saved up just about enough to get Hornit off the ground, I decided to take focus on it full time. I commuted by bike every day from West London into the City for five years. It was this experience which caused me to get a prototype Hornit horn made back in 2007 as almost every day I would want to warn a car, lorry or van driver I was coming so they didn't pull out in front of me or cut me up. I tested it at every opportunity and it worked brilliantly. Other cyclists often heard it in action and would ask where they could get one. The seeds were sown.

Although I have cycled my whole life, I really became a fan while I was doing my law degree: to help deal with the hours of desk bound study I trained (rather unscientifically) for a couple of triathlons, doing a half Ironman the first year (5hrs 2mins) and the Ironman UK (11hrs 26mins) the next. Anyone who has owned a sleek, ultra-light carbon bike will know how it just hooks you in! Work soon made it impossible to continue the training, but I used to joke during the years that followed, that the best part of the day was riding in the parks to and from work.

Company Ethos

With over 17,000 cycle accidents in the UK every year, and the countless near misses, the company's focus is primarily on cycle safety. It is easy to gloss over the detrimental impact of every single accident, but you can rest assured that each and every one one, particularly the serious accidents, has grim consequences for everyone involved. If the Hornit prevents just one cyclist from being injured, seriously injured or killed it will have been worth it.

It's incredibly important to me that everyone who comes into contact with the Hornit brand knows that they will have a 1st class product, backed up with customer service which will go far beyond what you're used to. If you ever have an issue, change your mind (it does happen, very rarely!) then just get in touch via the website and we'll sort it out, no quibbles. The terms and conditions were written by a lawyer!

Happy cycling! 

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